Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Home Office, Re-DONE!

This is it.......THE LAST ROOM IN MY HOUSE!!!



We added trim work (no surprise, I have an addiction- I know), 

bought this steal of a deal hutch from Restoration Hardware, I painted the desk, added a cool light..... and it's done!

Faux Brass Top Desk - I had heard of "Zinc topped tables" and figured the same effect would work for a Brass top.  To get a real brass metal table topper was possible- but very expensive, so I decided to see if I could fake it with paint!  I kinda followed this tutorial and just used a gold metallic paint to start with instead of silver.  I used some black paint and some brown stain to give it the "aged" look.

I painted the desk legs grey (Annie Sloan's French Linen)

The curtains are from Ikea but I added the little cross detail with a sharpie!  
I used a stencil as my guide and it was pretty darn easy.

To learn more about the large star map artwork- click here.
The round stools under the desk were from Target just a few months ago- but it looks like they are no longer available (anywhere!)
The Book Case is actually a "hutch" from Restoration Hardware, we went with the 103" high one in "Antique Grey Oak" (for some reason this is cheaper than the 91" high one!  Regularly $4000, on Final Sale for $1500!!!)
 Light is the 18" double pendant from Restoration Hardware
The Picture light is also from Restoration Hardware
The majority of the items on the book shelves are from Target.  Some exceptions are the trophies, the brass metal basket, and the white wood box with handles, those are from Home Goods.  The large golf ball was a thrift store find.  The little white and brass Candle sticks are from World Market.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Master Bedroom Re- DONE!

Usually you start a room by painting, paneling, or wallpapering the walls.  Then you add in your decor.  In my master bedroom..... I did everything backwards.  I knew I wanted to add trim work, built-ins, and wallpaper and because that meant a whole lot of work (and money), it was something I had to put off for quite a while.  In the meantime I decorated the room with different pieces.  Finally (almost 7 years after moving into our home) the walls are done!!!!!  It was worth the wait, I think!



Progress Photos-
(built-ins went up and around the door into the master bathroom, the columns were wrapped in trim, and we added a larger baseboard and crown molding)

The trim work and built-in's were done by Lee Hyland (801-815-1862  He is in the Salt Lake area)
I Highly Recommend him!

This is the wallpaper I ordered.  I ordered and had it hung by "Details by Others" in Salt Lake.  I love the color.  It's called "off-white" which makes it sound like it's not even a color (and I was worried it wouldn't look too different from bare white walls!) but it has plenty of color and texture to give a big impact without overtaking a room.  It still feels light, airy, and neutral.

Shelf Decor:
I ordered the two temple architecture pictures off of Etsy.
"As for me and my house" scripture print,  the gold frame is from Target.
Brass Planters, Fern plantsCircle Candle holder,
Twiggy Pillar Candles, small white vase, and architectural corbel from "To Market" in Kaysville
Wood "M" from Home Goods, Wood carved Book ends from Tuesday Morning.

We are Loving It!

Sources (click for the link): Lamps- Thrift Store Find, Curtains & ChairsBedding & NightstandsChandelierRugTan Bed ShamsCabinet Door Hardware


Friday, September 23, 2016

Island Expansion

When we first moved into our home (6 years ago) I had visions for a larger kitchen island.  The kitchen had a space designed for a small table, but I didn't want to put a small table in the kitchen that would be right next to our large dining room table.  It made more sense to just expand the island.  My family expanded this year (we had our 5th boy), so...... 
it was time to do the island expansion!



I went with a "T" shaped countertop (rather than a square) so that the barstools on the sides could easily slide in and not crowd the walkways in my kitchen. 

First, I hired a cabinet guy (McKean Woodworking) to build me a box.  The original island stayed (the top part of the "T") 
and he built the box off of that.

Next was the countertop.  I love the look of marble, but I didn't want the worry and stress that goes along with marble countertops.  We decided on Quartz.  It is called "Tranquility" by HanStone.  I am VERY pleased with the look!!!  I looked at other Quartz countertops but the veining had a pattern to it so it didn't look natural.  This one had a random veining pattern which I really liked.

My smart sister encouraged me to go with the 3" mitered edge (instead of an ogee or beveled edge).  It gives the illusion of a very thick and large slab, but as you can see below....
it's all an illusion!

 I am loving that my whole family can sit at the bar together!  I love that my kids can spread out their homework or coloring books and it doesn't interfere with my cooking space!  I love that there is tons of space for a buffet line at my annual family Thanksgiving party!  Love, Love, Love it!!!

Barstools - Ballard Designs 
Wooden Tray and Glass Terrarium - World Market


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Entryway Redone!



For this trim work project, I wanted to find a new guy to hire.  The trim work I had done in the past was done well, but took a long time to complete so I wanted to find someone that could get it done quickly for me.  I HIGHLY recommend this guy.  He was extremely reliable, detail oriented, worked hard, and got it all done in 3 days!  I couldn't have been happier.  
His name is Lee Hyland (801-815-1862).  
If you live in or around the Salt Lake City area then you're in luck :)
Here are some pictures of the process:

I also had him add a bigger header to all my doors in my hallway, 
and a bit of trim to the inside of these wide arches that enter into my kitchen.

The next step was painting, Lee recommended some painters for me that he often works with and they too were fabulous!  I requested that they paint it all by hand (I hate the mess that spraying creates) and they accommodated my craziness and did a beautiful job!

Once it was painted, I had grasscloth wallpaper installed.  This is the wallpaper I ordered.  I felt comfortable going with "faux" grass cloth since it wasn't at eye level so nobody would notice otherwise (I don't think I would use it if it was eye level?).  I used the company Details by Others for the installation.

Now I'm itchin' to get the last 2 rooms in the house done!  Just my bedroom and the office to go!