Friday, June 20, 2014

Another Quick Upholstery Job!

My sister was at the DI recently (a local thrift store) and spotted this lovely chair for just $15.  
She texted me a picture and asked if I wanted it- um YES!!!!
I was looking for this type of chair for my kitchen desk area (and thankfully had mentioned it to my sister).

I chose a grey and white wool tweed fabric I found at Hancock Fabrics and used almost 4 yards.  I have "reupholstered" a few chairs before and followed the same easy procedure (click here to see the easy way!).  
The only difference is that this chair had tufting!  I saved this area for last.  My secret weapon was a hot glue gun.  First, using staples, I secured a large piece of fabric on the underside at the back of the bottom of the chair.  Then I wrapped the fabric up the back, over the top, and down the frontside of the chair.  Before attaching the front side with staples, I simply stuck blobs of glue on the top row of buttons, then worked the fabric in and around the buttons.  For the next row, lift up the fabric and put glue on the next row of buttons, then put the fabric back down and push in place, repeat, repeat, repeat.
Once the buttons were all glued in place, I secured everything with staples.  
It basically worked and when I was done it looked great!  
It looks like there are fabric tufted buttons - even though there aren't.  
However after a weeks worth of use, I learned a few things.
1)Fabric on top of leather is slippery - covering fabric chairs with fabric keeps things in place a lot better and is a little easier to do!
2) A thick wool tweed fabric was a good choice for working with hot glue.  Some fabrics would be too thin and might discolor where the glue is.
3) hot glue when dried easily pulls off of leather - DUH!  I should have known that!  Maybe "super glue" would have worked better?  After some of the glued fabric came loose I just had to reinforce it with more staples - I might have to resort to actually using a long upholstery needle and thread to hold the fabric down and in place (which shouldn't be too hard).
Again, if I was doing fabric on top of fabric this problem could have been a non issue.  I think hot glue would hold better to a fabric button?

Anyway things are holding up for now and I am enjoying the new look!

 Once the chair was finished, I hot glued a small white ribbon to the front of the chair for an added detail.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Foot Stool

Although I proclaimed my Living Room was Finished, 
I hoped to one day find a cute little footstool that would help me kick my feet up once in a while when relaxing in a chair.
I found it!  Home Goods for just $30.  

It was just a leeetle to short.  I loved the look of it "as is" and really debated about changing it.....
but of course I changed it!
 I already had the foam on hand, just cut it to size.
I then found some "faux" leather at Hobby Lobby, a 1/2 yard was on sale for just $7.
I did have to cut the fabric length in half then sew it together to give me more width.
 I simply put one staple on the underneath of each side (I used a pneumatic staple gun),
 then turned it right side up to work with the corners.

First just cut up the diagonal, careful not to cut too much.

 Then I folded the fabric under for a nice edge and worked it down and around the legs.  Then turned the stool upside down and stapled the corners in place.

 All Done!
Honestly - I'm not sure that I like it better than the original look, but it is a little higher and the change only cost $7!

I like that it's size makes it able to tuck nicely out of the way when not in use.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

 For gifts this year I used the "Waterlogue" app and made "water color" pictures 
out of some favorite photos for my Father and Father-in-law. 

The app is only $3 and can change any photo into a "watercolor" picture.  
I had the photos printed off at Costco and then framed the pictures.  It was a pretty easy and cheap gift - 
but it looks PRICELESS!

All my in-law's grandkids at the beach.

 It works well as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, Father's or Mother's day.
You could give someone a watercolor picture of their home.....

Or you can make great watercolor photos for fun trip souvenirs ....

It's a great app and it makes a great gift!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shelfies........Pictures of my Laundry room Shelves!

On a recent trip to Home Depot, I found something that they must have recently started carrying 
(because I have looked before and they didn't have these!)
Corbels!  And these were just $11.50 a piece!  
They have a few different styles (some are pretty beefy and ornate and run almost $50 a piece).
They come unfinished.  For mine I just used wax and a tiny bit of stain and rubbed them all over.  Easy!

I Love their Classic Simple Style!

I chose to hang them on the middle shelf - why?  I don't know!  The top would have probably been cute too.  To attach them I held them in place while my husband simply drilled down into them from the top shelf - we knew we'd never see the screws or holes on that top shelf.

*For more info on the Laundry Room Click Here

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Garden Hose Post

The hose is up off the ground - hooray!
I "pinned" this project a couple years ago and finally got around to doing it.

It was an easy project and I love the way it looks.  The downside - apparently when Ashli from the "mini Manor" blog did the project (way back in 2012) the cost was under $20.  Apparently times have changed quite a bit in the last 2 years because it now costs just under $50 (ouch).  I'm wishing that I had done it as soon as I had "pinned" it- Darn Procrastination!
At least I did have a $10 off a $50 purchase coupon (it was a Lowes coupon that I used at Home Depot - did you know they accept Lowes coupons?)  :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Easy Chalkboard Lettering

For Mothers Day this year I was in charge of a meeting at my church for all the Women and Mothers. Because it was a "special occasion" I wanted it to look special.  Since there is already a chalkboard in the room I wanted to do some fancy Chalkboard Lettering on it (since it is all the rage right now!).
Problem was I am not an artist that can free hand, and I don't have an overhead projector.....
After doing some searching on the internet I found out you can create a document with whatever you want on it, print it out, rub the back of it with some chalk, then put the poster up on the chalkboard and trace with a pencil.  When you remove the poster you have an outline that you can then fill in.  
It worked like a charm!
So I thought I would share the document I made ....

It is a quote from a Hymn "As Sisters in Zion."

I created the document using Picmonkey (to get your wording to curve you have to type your word 1 or 2 letters at a time and rotate each of the letters to create the curve).
Then I took the file to Staples and printed it off  (roughly 4ft.x4ft.)
I rubbed the back with chalk but found it was actually not necessary.  Just tracing the letters with a pencil left an outline on the chalkboard that we then filled in with chalk.
I had a couple friends helping me so it went pretty fast and ended up looking great!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New York

My Husband and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary in New York this past weekend.
We had a great time and I thought I'd share our tips and tricks!
Do: The free Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty - no need to go to Liberty Island, (unless you don't mind paying money for it and standing in long lines).
Do: Bike the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park
Don't use a "city bike" rent from another company.  The city bikes can only be checked out for 30min intervals and that is not enough time to enjoy yourself!

Do: the Top of the Rock observation deck (some people choose this instead of Empire because it is cheaper and the lines aren't bad- plus it gives a great view of the Empire state building).  We chose to do both and did Empire State at night.  Thanks to a good tip we went at Midnight and avoided all the lines (no need to buy the express pass).

Do: get a 7day Subway pass, it's cheap and get's you everywhere you need to go.
Don't: use a taxi, there's just no need!

Do:  Stay in Manhattan - it's where you will spend all your time anyway!  It can be noisy (even in the quieter areas of town) but we found that keeping our room's fan running all night drowned out the noise perfectly :)  Not energy efficient, I know - sorry!

Our final list of Do's are all about food!
Katz Deli - for the pastrami sandwich 
Vanessa's Dumpling House in Chinatown (we got the 10 dumpling sampler for $5.00, and 4 fried dumplings for $1 and they were incredible!!!)
The Shake Shack in Madison Square Garden (they have a few locations but this one is the most scenic by far).  I loved their SmokeShack burger with chopped cherry pepper and for memorial weekend they were featuring a pecan pie concrete that was divine!
Lil Frankie's Pizza- there are lots of great pizza places to choose from, so it was hard to narrow it down but this is the one we tried (we can't imagine anything being better than this place).  The pizza was exactly like what we had in Italy.  Plus it was open late (not a lot of restaurants were open late surprisingly).
Waffles and Dinges Cart - they have a few trucks around Manhattan.  We had their Belgian waffle with strawberries and whip cream for breakfast two days in a row!  We liked the truck at Grand Army Plaza at the corner of Central Park - after picking up the waffle it was nice to cross the street and eat it in the park!