Friday, August 4, 2017

Curb Appeal

Since moving into our home 7 years ago, I had imagined these 4 changes to amp up the curb appeal.  
Here they finally are with the details!



No. 1- A Garage Pergola 
and No. 2- New (Bigger) Lights

The pergola was done by Burbidge Bros Construction in Clearfield, Utah.  They were so great to work with and do fabulous custom work.  I had them stain my pergola white so that it matched the house.  They also built and installed some corbels in the 3 roof peaks for me.  This thing is SOLID - these guys are pros!
The Lights are from Home Depot - sorry to say, they no longer carry them.

No. 3- New'ish Front Door

I love the look of custom front doors, but I don't love the price.  I had seen blogs/articles about cutting and inserting glass into your existing front door, and decided to take the risk!  
I'm so glad I did!!!
I found the company and was very impressed by their wide selection and options.  I ended up going with this 24x50" one for my door (click here).  The only problem was the dimensions were not quite long enough (none of the inserts were 52" long).  So we couldn't completely cut out the top arched portion of the door, we had to leave a couple inches at the bottom of that recessed arch.  Ugh!

Thankfully I didn't let that deter me, I just figured putting a pretty piece of trim below the window insert would cover up the problem and make the door look even better in the process! (We secured it with screws). 
Hallelujah it worked! 
 I used a local handyman (Justin Green 614-596-9041) to do the install for me.  It took just 3 hours to get it installed, then I had both sides painted with a fresh new coat of paint.

No. 4- New House Numbers (Letters!)
I knew I needed something above the single garage door to balance out the pergola.  I was excited when I saw this idea on Pinterest!   I ordered my house letters from this company  I chose the  Plastic Letters - Century Bold Condensed Round Face 6'' Height.  I ordered the installation pattern as well.   You just tape up the pattern first, then you know right where to place all the screws so that everything lines up right!  It was a very quick and easy install I was able to do myself.