Monday, January 28, 2013

Two Year Blogiversary

It has officially been 2 years since I started this blog.  Although some things haven't changed much, others have.  I still enjoy doing projects and posting about the process -but the time it takes me to do so has definitely increased with the birth of my 4th boy!  Although my posts lately seem to be few and far between - my great faithful readers are still sticking around - Thank you -I'm flattered!

This past year was a year of BIG projects, including finishing rooms in our basement, adding trim to the kitchen and dining room, and a fireplace and built-in's to the living room.

This next year BIG projects are not in the plans - just lots of little manageable ones since once again I've got a new little one!

This past year one major change to my blog was getting a new name and ".com" address.  Hopefully it's just a little easier now for people to remember where to find me!  With that change I once again considered putting advertising on my blog (to start making money) - but I decided against it.  I still like having this blog be fun and low key - I don't want to start stressing over it and feeling like it's "work."

Other Changes over the past year:
One year ago my blog had received 100,000 visits, now that number is over 360,000
One year ago I was receiving about 300 hits a day, now that number is around 800
and over the past year my Followers have doubled
I recognize that all these numbers are still pretty small, but I don't do anything to "traffic" my blog so I'm amazed by any growth at all!

One fun thing I noticed the other day -
Ty Pennington and Jillian Harris "pinned" my project below onto some of their decorating/diy boards!  I'm still shocked!  (Click here to see more about this artwork)

So this past year was another fun year of blogging and decorating and I'm sure the next one will be too!  A big THANKS to all my readers - I so appreciate all your support and kind comments! (Especially you Ty Pennington, ha! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Years "Home" Resolutions 2013

Here are the BIG projects you can look forward to this year on my Blog-

Although I gave my husband permission to quit as my personal "Trim Guy," I have just a couple of very small easy projects I think he can handle this year ( I hope)!
I would like to add molding above all the doors,
so the "before" on the left becomes more like the "after" (from our Master Bathroom) on the right.

I would also like to add Molding to the inside of these arches.

Paint my son Jackson's Room with stripes like this (photo found on Houzz).

Paint Powder Bath (I have already ordered this stencil from

Update the Master Bedroom.  I am working on redoing the bedding and nightstands.  For Christmas I got this new Duvet from West Elm (on clearance for $60 instead of $120 yeah!).   Now I just need new pillows and a throw for a whole new look.
 I also got a couple of these foyer tables from World Market (regularly $200, but I was able to get them 25% off so $150 each).  I am using them for nightstands.  I love the shape and style, however the color doesn't work for my room -but I can change that!

Once summer comes I know I'll be looking to make improvements outside as well and one big project is my Garden, it just needs a fence.  I still can't decide if I should go with a wood slat look or basic black wrought iron.  I found this cute inspiration photo on Pinterest.

And if you read my post on Weight Lifting -as far as personal resolutions go, I am down 3 pant sizes.  I still have to get down 2 sizes more to be back where I was before, so I'll keep on lifting and see if it happens! I carry all my weight in my backside and thighs so yes -I own pants in 6 different sizes (which  actually came in quite handy this last pregnancy)!