Monday, February 24, 2014

A Final Finishing Detail

There was one last detail my son's room was missing, and I finally finished it - curtains!

I love these curtains from West Elm and thought they'd look great in the room- but they didn't come in the color I wanted.
I figured I'd just have to find something else and kept my eyes open whenever I went shopping for options.

Then one day while reading one of my favorite blogs - 4 men 1 lady - I came across a tutorial for painting this pattern.  Why didn't I think of that!  The tutorial was just what I needed to give it a try myself!
Check out the great tutorial and pictures here.

So while at Ikea picking up these curtains for the Living Room, I decided to get an extra pair for my son's room that I could paint with this pattern.  I ended up using my leftover Angelus Paint in "scarlet red" from painting this leather barstool.  I tried to find a good fabric paint at Michaels but had no luck - they only had one red and it looked more like fuchsia. 

Overall it really wasn't hard to do and I think they turned out great!

I hung the curtains on a metal plumbing pipe rather than a traditional curtain rod.  I got the pipe at Lowe's for $15 - it was 10 ft. long so I had them cut and thread the end for me to the length I needed. I bought a couple end caps to finish it off for $3.  I already had a couple leftover curtain rod hanging hardware pieces, so that was nice!

Total cost for the curtains: $30 ($20 for the curtains $10 for paint)
They could have cost me $100 if I bought them from West Elm - so pretty good savings!
Total for the rod: $18
For more information on this room, click Here!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The latest in the Living Room

As I said in my last post that once I got the new couch the snowball effect starting taking place!
So here are the new curtains-

Boring Neutral - I know, but that's what I'm feelin' right now!  I got them at Ikea but of course had to alter them a little- so they would reach the floor.  They were only $20 for a pair and I had the white material (that I attached to the bottom) on hand so they were cheap curtains!!!

And a new rug as well-

The rug is from Urban Outfiters and was also a fantastic deal - $90 for a 5x7!!!  The rug also comes in Navy, Teal, and Red. 

More Changes still to come! ;)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


As much as I have loved these ruffle curtains - I am ready for a change.  The new couch of course has also influenced that decision (picture a snowball rolling down a hill- that's what's going on over here as I am now replacing or changing almost everything in the living room all because of a couch :)

Anybody interested in buying them before I list them on KSL?  I made them for $40 per panel and I plan to sell them for $30 a panel.  email me if you are interested
You can buy just 2 or all 4 if you want.  They are nice and long since I have 10ft. ceilings (if you don't they could easily be hemmed up).  I prefer to sell them to someone local but will consider shipping them if I have to!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Guest Room Updates

The Last time you saw the Guest room it looked like this:

Now it's a lot more inviting!

I found these wood lamps at a thrift store (I think they were $6)

The desk originally looked like this (it was $12 from a thrift store):

Both look MUCH better with a coat of paint.  I found the lamp shades at Shopko - they were around $10 because they were on Sale half off.  The Desk I painted with the rest of my Annie Sloan chalk paint (in French Linen).  I rubbed the hardware and legs with some gold rub n' buff and decided to leave the faux wood top as is!  It did have that ugly chipped corner on the top so I fixed it with some tape on each of the corners that hopefully look like metal brackets?  :)  I got the idea from here.

For more info on the artwork click here.
Most of the accessories for the room I found at Home Goods.

The other nightstand was a free "curb find" years ago.  I also painted it with the Annie Sloan chalk paint so that it would coordinate with the desk.  To give it some added character I used a white Sharpie Paint Pen and drew in some of the furniture grooves.

Overall I tried to give the room a bit of a "Manly" vibe - that way if one of my boys wants to take over this room in the future I won't have to change too much!