Friday, August 30, 2013

Jackson's Room Reveal!





For more info on the painted stripes click here.

For more info on the Desk and Chair just click!  The plug-in wall lamps are from ikea.
The Skateboard Bench at the end of the bed was made from an old skateboard I picked up at a garage sale and these legs.

For the guitar "art"  I just picked up some fence planks at Home Depot for about $5, and screwed them together using the plank scraps on the back (same as this other project).  Next I roughly painted them grey and attached the guitar hook.  For the Skateboard Hat Rack I picked up a cheap skateboard at a garage sale, using the heat from a blow dryer I carefully removed the grip tape then attached the hooks and hung it!

I stole this idea for the Bike Wheel art from PB Teen.  I got the cheapest bikes I could find at good will,  removed the wheels, cleaned them up and hung them.  I left two "as is" and spray painted the red one.  The graphics, I printed off my computer for free and stuck them in the spokes.  Total $20.

For the gallery wall I give all the credit to my son Jackson.  I took the photos of him and he created the artwork!  Simply using some different effects on Picasa he came up with some very cool pictures!  The frames are from ikea.

It's only been one week but I am loving school being in session!!!  I loved my summer with my kids but I'm definitely enjoying more time for projects and Blogging too!

Those of you who Home School - my Hat's off to you! Seriously -I don't know how you do it!


  1. Amazing!!

    I think it would look really cool to put plastic cord covers over the lamp cords, and paint them to match the stripes. What a cool illusion that would be! :)