Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY Wood Slat Artwork

I just finished this artwork project for my boys room and I was pretty impressed by how easy and cheap it was to make!

I was inspired by this boys room (found here) and the arrow on the wall.  I didn't know where I could find this artwork piece so of course my only option was to make something similar!

I also like all the "pallet wood" artwork that is so popular right now so I decided to go that route.  I headed to Home Depot and bought some wood fence slats for $1.50 each.  The slats were about 6 feet long.  I had a guy at Home Depot cut 12 inches off making the slats 5 feet long and square on both ends.  I bought a total of 6 wood slats, 5 for front and one slat cut in 3 pieces which I later screwed in on the back to hold the front pieces all together.  The 5 front slats run horizontally, as you can see, and the 3 pieces on back run vertically (one on each end and one in the middle).  

I already had the grey and white paint on hand so I only had to spend $1 to get a small bottle of orange paint from the craft store.

After painting the whole thing with one "imperfect" coat of white paint, I drew in my arrow using a yard stick and the inspiration picture for a reference.  Once the arrow looked good I taped it off and filled in the arrow with Grey paint.  Once the grey paint was dry I used a 1" foam brush and carefully followed the edge of my tape line to give my arrow the orange border.  Each time I painted I made sure not to cover the wood completely and let some areas show through - that way I didn't have to do any sanding in the end!  

Total time was about an hour and total cost was just $10.

I used D-ring brackets and some picture hanging wire to hang it on the wall.  

A store bought piece of artwork this size would be a lot more than $10, heck- a blank canvas this size would be a lot more than $10! 
 I enjoyed making this artwork because it was cheap, easy, and most importantly I had control over the color and the size.  I love how it turned out!  

For more information on this room click here.

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