Thursday, August 23, 2012

Long Curtain Rod

Do you remember my brother Jon and his wife Kori's beautiful home?  They had a long window that needed a curtain rod and their solution was genius so I had to share!  

This is a metal Gas Pipe that they found at a Plumbing supply store.  You can get a pipe up to 20 feet long!  They then took the pipe to Ace Hardware to have them cut it to the desired length and thread the end so they could put a cap on it.  The pipe did have some lettering written down the length of it but that is nothing that a can of spray paint won't fix!  The only other thing you will need is some curtain hardware to hang the rod.

See how cool the end cap looks?

Like I said Genius!

And since I was taking pictures of their home anyway, I snapped a couple of their kitchen.  They recently replaced the backsplash and countertops and it looks fabulous!



The countertops are Quartzite - looks like marble but it's not as delicate.

To see the entire tour of their home click Here, and to see their previous home you can click Here.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Silhouette Art

My downstairs hallway needed some more artwork - this was a very easy and cheap solution!

I simply took pictures of the profile of my boys faces then printed them out on my computer.  After taping the picture to a piece of black card stock I carefully cut them out.  Then I taped the black card stock silhouette onto a white piece of card stock then framed it!  
These frames are old ones I already had on hand (like I said this was a very easy and cheap project!).

After hanging them in my hallway the frames looked too small and needed something more so I added the numbers below to give them more presence.  I found the numbers at hobby lobby for $2 a piece.

I couldn't fit the fourth frame in this shot but I did make a silhouette of my baby as well.  It didn't turn out great so I'll probably be redoing it when he gets a little older and can hold his head up on his own!

I love how they turned out!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pillow Talk

Surprise, I am decorating and posting again!  If you know me very well- then maybe you are not so surprised?  Basically I feel sooo much better now and have sooo much more energy than I did just a few short weeks ago (when I was GREAT with child)- so I am ready to get back to life!

   When I first revealed my Family Room Transformation (click here to see) I only had a few pillows for my couches and needed to add more.  I love pillows and especially love mixing and matching quite a few different ones, which means this is a process that takes time!  Lots of buying, trying out, and returning.  But thanks to a recent trip to Home Goods I think I finally got the job done!



Above (from left to right) the pillows are from: Home Goods, Target, Etsy, Home Goods 
Below (from left to right): Target, Home Goods, Etsy, Pottery Barn (but purchased at Down East)

I'm glad I have a picture of how it is "supposed" to look - because it will never look like this again since this is the primary play space for my boys.  For whatever reason they love to remove all the pillows from the couch and they end up all over the room!
But I LOVE being a mama to 4 boys!!!