Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grey Fabric

 I just got the cushion made for my entry way bench.  I decided to go with a very basic grey fabric so that it will hopefully stand the test of time - since having a custom cushion upholstered is not cheap!  I can do the very basic sewing required to make a curtain but this cushion has buttons, welting, and a zipper - all of which is beyond my skill set!  The majority of the cost is for the foam insert (foam just went up in price too - from high to ridiculously high!).  To save some money you could have just the fabric cover sewn and then find some other way to get your hands on some foam for cheap.  I'm still looking for one more pillow that will finish off the bench perfectly.

I found the grey fabric at Jo-anns.  It is a duck cloth and I was able to get 2 and 1/2 yards for just $12 (it was 40% off).  I had just enough scraps to use in another project!
I found these shades at Hancock Fabrics - regular price $10 each.  They have adhesive on them so that you can attach fabric to them to make your own custom shades.  It was incredibly easy to do.

Once I got the grey fabric on the shades, I trimmed the top and bottoms of the shade with white ribbon.  So now the boys bathroom sconce is done too!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Patio Chairs

I saw this chair in World Market and loved it.  It is very sturdy and solid and has the look and feel of a restoration hardware patio chair - but for much less.  When I saw it, it was still regular price so I decided to wait for it to go on sale as all outdoor furniture does!
This week it went on sale for 50% off (regular price- $170 sale price - $85).  I had two shipped to me, shipping was an additional $20 for two chairs.  I know that wood chairs over time don't always look so good but I knew that these chairs would look really cute painted as well.  So they will be easy to give a new look to them if I ever want to.  I am leaving the cushion plain white for now but I may decide later to use my stencil (the one I used in my dining room) and give them a make over too!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Getting Ready for July

I saw this cute crown flag pole holder a couple months ago at "Silver Star Hardware" in Salt Lake.  I loved it but for some reason didn't buy it.  This week when I saw a "Groupon" in my email for 50% off something in their store I grabbed it and knew immediately what it would be buying!  They have two different kinds of flag pole holders and the lady that works there said they get them from some store in England - I love unique stuff like that!  Original price - $27, my price $15--  God Bless America!

The irony is not lost on me that my American flag holder is a crown and comes from England!

 I was also fortunate to recently grab some of my brother Jon and his wife Kori's castoff's (they will be moving soon and are cleaning out a little).  You can see my post on their current home (it's amazing!) and I will defianetly post a field trip to the new house when she has worked her magic on it - a post we will all be looking forward too!  I was happy Kori no longer wanted these two lanterns and love how they look by my front door.  The contrast of anything black on my white house makes me smile!!!

The outside of the house is starting to show a little more character - I think a lawn at this point would REALLY look great and I am dying to get it done - will post when it's there!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bathroom Light fixture

I live near a store called Down East Home.  They have some things in their store from Potterybarn and mark them down about 50%.  Some of the stuff is damaged but some of it is still in great shape.  I planned on getting a bathroom light fixture from there but wanted to wait until they had a lighting sale to try to get one even cheaper.  I lucked out last weekend when they were having a tent sale.  They had also done additional markdowns on stuff in the store.  This light fixture was originally $175 from pottery barn, $75 from Down East then marked down for the sale to $25!!!!   I've now got to find some shades for it but that should be pretty easy.

 Pretty good improvement over the builders grade lighting that was there before.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Living Room Repainted

It is so frustrating to finish painting a room and realize you don't like the color.  In this case I actually did like the color - it just wasn't working in this room.  The color was Restoration Hardware's "slate" and it is a grey/green color.  The only problem was - I didn't like it with the black, white, and blue I already had in my pillows, rug, draperies, etc.  I think I will use the color in my downstairs family room because it will go well with the golds, browns, and reds I have down there.  I rarely love a color as soon as I am done painting because it always takes some getting used to.  Once I move furnishings back into a painted room and live with it for a day or two I end up loving it.  After moving furnishings back into this room and living with it a couple days I admitted the ugly truth that I didn't love it and it would have to eventually be repainted.  UGH!  But now, I am so glad I admitted my mistake and fixed it.  I LOVE it now and everything works (pillows, rug, etc.) much better.  
The new color is a very boring and basic neutral light grey (same color as my hallway - Benjamin Moore "Ozark Shadows" lightened 50%) but I'm confidant I will never get sick of it or have to change it again.  Because it is so neutral it provides a nice backdrop for everything in the room now and whatever else may go into it later.

My advice is after you paint and get used to it a little while if you don't love it don't just settle and live with it - change it!  It is a pain but definitely worth it!!!!  Someday I hope to LOVE every room in my house.