Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Living Room Repainted

It is so frustrating to finish painting a room and realize you don't like the color.  In this case I actually did like the color - it just wasn't working in this room.  The color was Restoration Hardware's "slate" and it is a grey/green color.  The only problem was - I didn't like it with the black, white, and blue I already had in my pillows, rug, draperies, etc.  I think I will use the color in my downstairs family room because it will go well with the golds, browns, and reds I have down there.  I rarely love a color as soon as I am done painting because it always takes some getting used to.  Once I move furnishings back into a painted room and live with it for a day or two I end up loving it.  After moving furnishings back into this room and living with it a couple days I admitted the ugly truth that I didn't love it and it would have to eventually be repainted.  UGH!  But now, I am so glad I admitted my mistake and fixed it.  I LOVE it now and everything works (pillows, rug, etc.) much better.  
The new color is a very boring and basic neutral light grey (same color as my hallway - Benjamin Moore "Ozark Shadows" lightened 50%) but I'm confidant I will never get sick of it or have to change it again.  Because it is so neutral it provides a nice backdrop for everything in the room now and whatever else may go into it later.

My advice is after you paint and get used to it a little while if you don't love it don't just settle and live with it - change it!  It is a pain but definitely worth it!!!!  Someday I hope to LOVE every room in my house.

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