Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grey Fabric

 I just got the cushion made for my entry way bench.  I decided to go with a very basic grey fabric so that it will hopefully stand the test of time - since having a custom cushion upholstered is not cheap!  I can do the very basic sewing required to make a curtain but this cushion has buttons, welting, and a zipper - all of which is beyond my skill set!  The majority of the cost is for the foam insert (foam just went up in price too - from high to ridiculously high!).  To save some money you could have just the fabric cover sewn and then find some other way to get your hands on some foam for cheap.  I'm still looking for one more pillow that will finish off the bench perfectly.

I found the grey fabric at Jo-anns.  It is a duck cloth and I was able to get 2 and 1/2 yards for just $12 (it was 40% off).  I had just enough scraps to use in another project!
I found these shades at Hancock Fabrics - regular price $10 each.  They have adhesive on them so that you can attach fabric to them to make your own custom shades.  It was incredibly easy to do.

Once I got the grey fabric on the shades, I trimmed the top and bottoms of the shade with white ribbon.  So now the boys bathroom sconce is done too!

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