Monday, February 24, 2014

A Final Finishing Detail

There was one last detail my son's room was missing, and I finally finished it - curtains!

I love these curtains from West Elm and thought they'd look great in the room- but they didn't come in the color I wanted.
I figured I'd just have to find something else and kept my eyes open whenever I went shopping for options.

Then one day while reading one of my favorite blogs - 4 men 1 lady - I came across a tutorial for painting this pattern.  Why didn't I think of that!  The tutorial was just what I needed to give it a try myself!
Check out the great tutorial and pictures here.

So while at Ikea picking up these curtains for the Living Room, I decided to get an extra pair for my son's room that I could paint with this pattern.  I ended up using my leftover Angelus Paint in "scarlet red" from painting this leather barstool.  I tried to find a good fabric paint at Michaels but had no luck - they only had one red and it looked more like fuchsia. 

Overall it really wasn't hard to do and I think they turned out great!

I hung the curtains on a metal plumbing pipe rather than a traditional curtain rod.  I got the pipe at Lowe's for $15 - it was 10 ft. long so I had them cut and thread the end for me to the length I needed. I bought a couple end caps to finish it off for $3.  I already had a couple leftover curtain rod hanging hardware pieces, so that was nice!

Total cost for the curtains: $30 ($20 for the curtains $10 for paint)
They could have cost me $100 if I bought them from West Elm - so pretty good savings!
Total for the rod: $18
For more information on this room, click Here!

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