Monday, March 3, 2014

Living Room Chairs

After MUCH searching and deliberation..........
The Winner is- The Grant Chair from Down East Home (regular price $299)

I believe Down East is currently out of this chair in stores right now, but expecting a very big shipment soon.  I was waiting for that shipment (I think it comes in May) when I found someone selling the exact chairs on KSL (a local website of classifieds).  Since Down East doesn't allow returns - if you change your mind about the chair then you'd be forced to sell it yourself.  They were still brand new and in perfect condition.  I picked them both up for $525.  Nice to get them on sale and not to have to wait until May :)

I raided my local Home Goods and Target for pillows - still deciding on the arrangement so the tags are all still attached!  You should have seen the looks I was getting with my cart overflowing with at least 15 pillows (I like to have lots of options, then return what doesn't work).  The table between the chairs was also a Home Goods find for $50.

Next up:  A coffee table for that big bare spot in the middle!
I already found a winner on the classifieds at KSL that is currently being spray painted - stay tuned!


  1. I was looking at buying the same sofa at Down East. How do you like it? How has it held up? And most importantly for me, does the fabric show spots because no matter what, my kids get the sofa dirty. I would love your oppinion!

    1. I haven't had it long - but so far I have loved this couch. It seems like it was made very well - which is surprising for how cheap it is! I was worried about spots as well (I have 4 boys after all!). So far I have been pleasantly surprised by how the spots have cleaned up. Also it is such a dark color that I think it hides what lighter fabrics would show. Overall I recommend it to anyone considering this couch!

  2. Oh thank you! I tried it out today. It's kind of hard but I really like the style and thought that pillows would help. I like your chairs too! I wonder how they'll hold up with the kids I have four kids myself! I may have put my sofa up for sale on a whim and sold it crazy fast so now we have nothing to sit on!

  3. It's true it isn't the softest couch, but I don't feel uncomfortable whenever I'm on it. I'm more worried about my chairs with 4 kids than the couch -because of the lighter color. But for the price I just couldn't say no! Good luck!