Monday, March 17, 2014

The Next Piece of the Living Room Puzzle

The Coffee Table!

I found this large 44" round coffee table listed in my local classifieds for just $50!

It was the perfect shape and size for my living room - just needed a little love! 
 The mirror on top was VERY scratched so I needed a way to fix that too.

I spray painted the table with Rust-oleum's Antique Brass (bought at Home Depot for $5).  
I then covered the top for a "marble look" using this product for an additional $47.

When you first put the marble contact paper down there are lots of air bubbles, no worries, you can work them out with a credit card.  The difficult air bubbles you can poke a small hole in with a pin and work them out.

(can you spot the seam - it's a little annoying but there's no way around it!)

I think the coffee table looks like a million bucks now!

Overall I am happy with the quality and look of this contact paper - However I think the veining is just a little too light and subtle.  I wish I could see the veining from across the room, instead it's really only noticeable when you are standing right by the table.  I was trying to save a little money by going with the product I used rather than buying this one - and I regret it!


  1. Hi Amy! I'm back once again with another question--as I've mentioned before we are moving and I'm not one to change wall color often. With 4 daughters each having their own bedroom in our new home, they are wanting their walls painted different colors. I'm considering using contact paper (from the same website you mentioned you wished you had gone with) on their walls. Being that you've used it on a table, in your opinion, is this something you would consider putting on a wall? I'm not sure how crazy I am about seeing a seam--or if it would be noticeable. In particular I'm looking at a solid navy glossy contact paper. Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? I just love your blog & refer back to it often!
    Thanks so much for your time!

    1. No I don't think I would use this on a wall- unless it was a small accent wall, then I might. I think it would be a big hassle on such a large surface. If you are wanting a glossy effect I would just buy a high gloss paint. If you are not one to change wall color often (which is a cheap and easy process with paint) then I wouldnt think you would want to tackle something that is harder and more expensive?

  2. Have you found a way to diminish the look of the seam? I want to do this to my kitchen countertops but I'm worried of it looking weirdly broken up.

    1. No - I wish! I think it can still work on countertops because they are generally "rectangular shaped" and so the width is never an issue and you can order as long a length as you need. Because I was doing a large circle, the width was an issue!