Thursday, March 27, 2014

My New $9 Lantern Light!

YUP- $9!
I picked up this large (but empty?) lantern at my local thrift store (the DI) for a whopping $2.  Believe me I hesitated and wondered if I was crazy to buy a light without the lights!  I wasn't even sure it was meant to be a light fixture?  But, I couldn't pass it up, I figured for $2 I would try to figure something out.
I figured if I just bought another ugly light fixture that was roughly the same size I could put the lighting guts into my empty lantern.  It took months of going to the thrift store before I found just the right candidate
(and before I got up the courage to try!).  
Here's my $7 fixture that I signed up as the donor!
I simply unscrewed the top to remove the chain, then pulled the fixture out the bottom of the light and I was done - I couldn't believe how easy this was - seriously!
After giving the lighting guts a good coat of Antique Brass spray paint I put them in my empty lantern.
It all fit together like a glove!!!  I could not be more happy.

I hung the beauty in the mudroom (click here for more info on this room).

I would have loved this light for $100, but the fact that it only cost $9 just makes me smile every time I walk past the room!


  1. unbelievable transformation! I love it! :) and you cant beat the price with a stick.

  2. I love every room of your house! I found your blog from pinterest. I love it! thanks for the inspiration!