Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Ugly Duckling Chandelier

The chandelier is done!

Here is the process:
First I took the wood pieces off and sanded them down to the bare wood.

The metal parts I spray painted with a gray primer. I don't think it needed primer I just liked the grey color.

Once the spray paint was dry I put the chandelier back together with the wood parts then wiped everything down with watered down white paint. Finally I did a little brown glaze to antique it slightly. In order to hang the chandelier I had to go to home depot and by a ceiling canopy since it didn't come with one ($5). I gave it the same paint finish as everything else then hung the chandelier.

Once it was hung I decided I didn't want to use the wood balls that came with the chandelier that were below every light bulb socket so I took those off. I decided instead it needed some crystal strands. I found some online here that cost an additional $15 ($10 for 2 yards of crystals and $5 shipping).

So my $5 DI chandelier ended up being $28 including spray paint. By the way the cheapest spray paint I have ever found is at Family Dollar, grey primer is $3 and white, black, and red are just $1.25. They don't have a large color selection but they have the basics.

So the ugly duckling..........

has become a beautiful swan.........

and I returned the $75 JCPenny Chandelier!


  1. Awesome makeover!!! So creative..I will look at ugly light fixtures differently from now on!! Thanks

  2. Great transformation!!!!! This past fall I did an ugly duckling transformation on one of my chandeliers too:). Hope you'll stop by and check it out.


    Kim @ Plumberry Pie

  3. This really was a great makeover! I can't believe the before and after. You rocked it!!
    xo Becca