Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DIY Floor Pouf

If you have ever sewed a pillow you can definitely handle making a floor pouf.

I got this fabric from Hobby Lobby - regularly $40 a yard but with a 40% off coupon it was $24.  I plan to make another one of these so the total fabric I needed for 2 cubes was 4 yards or $96.  Obviously you could do this for a lot less with a different/cheaper fabric.  Most of the poufs I have seen for sale range in price from $200 to $250 so I felt ok about each of mine being around $50.  I wanted my poufs to be 18"x18"x18" so I cut out 6 squares of fabric 21"x 21" for each pouf.  Then simply sew all your squares together to create a cube, leaving one seam open for stuffing.  I wanted the seams on the edges to "stick out" a little bit so rather than sewing the "right sides" of the fabric together to create a basic edge, I turned each of the fabric edges over about an inch then sewed those edges together about a half an inch in (with the two wrong sides of the fabric together).  Don't know if that makes sense - but it's the best explanation I can give!

To stuff the inside for cheap I went to my local goodwill store and found a camping foam pad for $3 and a VERY large stuffed pillow for $4.  I cut up the foam pad into 17" squares (using an electric carving knife) and then stacked the pieces on top of each other.  Next I put them in the fabric cube and filled in the sides and top and bottom with some of the fillings from the large stuffed pillow.  I ended up using the entire foam pad and pillow contents for one cube so I'll be headed back to the thrift store to get another foam pad and pillow for my other pouf.  It really doesn't matter what filler you use, I guess some poufs are filled with scraps of fabric.  I would just recommend not spending your money to purchase a package of brand new foam or fiber filling since there are plenty of ways to do it cheaper.

Once it is stuffed, sew your last seam up by hand and ENJOY!  This is the tv area my kids primarily use and so I haven't ever wanted a "hard edged" coffee table down here - it just seems like it would be a bit of a hazard with three boys jumping around.   This is a great solution for me, a nice soft spot to put my feet up on when I am sitting on the couch and it easily moves out of the way when I'm not using it.

Now I'm off to finish the other one!


  1. It looks so good! Love this one, Amy! I feel like I need to make a couple of these for our new place... we are lacking somewhere to put up our feet :)

  2. so nice, I love how original the square pouf looks!

  3. It looks great! I feel like this is possible for a beginner like myself. (: