Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Past and Present

 Last Year:

This Year:
I decided to change out the wreath on my front door since it looked a little too small, plus I found a great place to put the small one - you'll see that below.  I made the new wreath from an inspiration photo I had on Pinterest.
I got all my wreath supplies at Hobby Lobby.  The wood vine wreath was $6 (I actually paid $3.60 though with a 40% off coupon). The bag off moss was $6 which I just pulled apart and hot glued in place.  Finally, the pumpkins were on sale for $0.75 a piece, they are on picks so I just shoved them in place on the wreath.  A very easy wreath to make and the total comes to $15!
  Finally I added a couple of pumpkin towers by the sides of the door.  The pumpkins were orange and I painted them white, then just before the paint was dry I used a wet paper towel to wipe some areas off so that the orange showed through.  The top pumpkin is actually from all a dollar but the bottom two are from Hobby Lobby (make sure to buy them when they are half off!).  I hot glued the tower together then placed them in the urns that usually hold topiaries (see above).

I liked the pumpkin picks so much I bought extra and added them to these indoor wreaths as well!

Last Year:

This Year:
Obviously the big change is our fireplace and built-ins.

The smaller wreath from my front door now sits on the mantel and I added some other halloween touches to the bookshelves.  Not much -I know, but I used decorations I already had on hand so this decor cost me nothing!

The rest of the Halloween Decor in my house stayed pretty much the same as last year.  
To see that click here and here.


  1. I love the after of the fireplace! The wreath looks great there... and your front porch is simple, but amazing!

  2. You had me at the entrance! What color/ paint brand did you use for your front door? It's beautiful!

    1. I can't seem to find the paint can anywhere! But I seem to remember it was called Portage? But I'm not sure and I don't know who made it - maybe Kwal? So sorry I can't be more specific but I'm pretty sure any color of Black would achieve the same look.