Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Name!

You may have noticed I have changed the name of the blog and my URL address.  If you go to the old address ( you will automatically be redirected to this new address  (  My hope is this will be easier to remember and not the tongue twister that the previous name was!  Everything else will remain the same!

I never imagined I would ever have this many readers so I didn't put a whole lot of thought into my blog's original name but with all the growth it's time for an update!  I wish to give a BIG Thanks to all of you -for following my blog and all your kind comments and support!


  1. Updated in my blog roll. Thank you!
    Wishing you Happy Holidays,

  2. I truly understand your need to do this. I changed the name of a blog that I owned called "Barbara's Travels" because it was read as being all about travel. I wrote about in the journey of life. Now the blog is named "It Crossed My Mind Blog".

    I will update you in my blogroll on my main blog, Retire In Style Blog. I love to visit your beautiful life.