Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Adding Brass Accents to the Family Room

I recently found this brass bankers floor lamp at Target for just $40.

Next I got out my gold "rub n' buff" and added some detail to this plain white table.

 BEFORE                                                                               AFTER

 Since the "rub n' buff" is so easy and addicting to use I decided to try it out on this cement ball I have had sitting in the window sill since we moved in.  I stopped liking the red and browns on this ball a while ago so I am loving it's new look!  After rubbing the gold over most of the ball I softened up the gold with a little white paint.

Lastly I found this table at Ross for just $30.  I knew it would improve greatly with a coat of spray paint.

First I sprayed the whole thing with primer then a few coats of Brass Metallic spray paint.

Although it looked great it was just a hair to bright so next I rubbed a little white paint over it to soften the whole thing (it worked on the ball so I figured it would work on this too).  Finally I rubbed a little glaze over the whole thing to "age" it a bit.

Love it!


  1. I love What you've done here! The accents made such a difference. And I love that lamp. I need to go get one!

  2. I've never used Rub 'n Buff before because I was concerned that it would smear. Does it dry completely "hard" (for lack of a better word) or can it rub off onto other things?

  3. This is random but I'd love more info on the pouf hiding behind the chair in the corner! And I love all the brass accents!

  4. You can find that post here

  5. I'm loving the accents, but I also love the horizontal planks on the wall -- do you have a tutorial on those? I searched and didn't find one. What a great blog!

  6. We hired that job out- so no tutorial. Would be easy to DIY though. They are just 3 wide horizontal planks spaced evenly apart about 5". Thanks!

    1. Love EVERYTHING about this room…I was wondering how wide each plank is?

    2. where are the leather chairs from?

    3. I bought them from a random store, called Court, a loooong time ago.