Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shelfies........Pictures of my Laundry room Shelves!

On a recent trip to Home Depot, I found something that they must have recently started carrying 
(because I have looked before and they didn't have these!)
Corbels!  And these were just $11.50 a piece!  
They have a few different styles (some are pretty beefy and ornate and run almost $50 a piece).
They come unfinished.  For mine I just used wax and a tiny bit of stain and rubbed them all over.  Easy!

I Love their Classic Simple Style!

I chose to hang them on the middle shelf - why?  I don't know!  The top would have probably been cute too.  To attach them I held them in place while my husband simply drilled down into them from the top shelf - we knew we'd never see the screws or holes on that top shelf.

*For more info on the Laundry Room Click Here

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  1. You have the gift of always creating and sharing a look of calm and serene contentment. (I could live in your laundry room and never leave LOL)
    Thank you,