Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Outdoor Decor

I got pillows, an outdoor rug, and my cube ottomans covered so the deck is looking a lot more inviting.


The cubes were $10 a piece at a thrift store.  After covering them in fabric (it took 4 yards) I sprayed them with a fabric protector from Jo-Ann's to make them "outdoor proof."  To attach the fabric I simply stapled it on the underneath and on the inside (the tops come off so I could easily access the inside).

This has quickly become my favorite place to relax with a book!


  1. Did you happen to take pics along the way of recovering the cubes? I have a trunk of the same "make" and would LOVE to replace the plain brown with a bold pattern.

    1. Darn it- No! Sorry - I wondered if I should have! You just cut 4 pieces of fabric that will fit each side, position your fabric on one side and staple on the underneath, pull tight then staple on the top inside. The sides will look unfinished -but they get covered over. Do the back the same way. Then for your sides just make a nice fold in your fabric that will run up the corners of the trunk (and cover the unfinished area you did first) then staple in place. Hopefully that makes sense - best of luck!