Thursday, October 30, 2014

Park City Shopping

This last weekend my husband and I went up to Park City for a getaway.  I visited one of my favorite home furniture/decor stores while there - Sticks and Stones.  Every time I go in, something cool catches my eye.  Here were my 2 favorites this trip:

This awesome coffee table - someone could definitely dIY it!

And these GORGEOUS cowhide chevron stools (are you drooling!).  
If I remember right they were about $200 each.

I would have been very tempted, but I have nowhere to put any of these items - Maybe you do?!


  1. Hi Amy! Do you know how much the coffee table was? I am on the hunt for one and that one is so pretty and unique!

    1. No, sorry! In the picture there is a tag on the floor that says $850 but I don't know if that is for the coffee table or not. You could try calling them and asking over the phone?

  2. Amy

    Are you discontinuing your blog?


    1. As you have noticed I have definitely slowed WAY down on the blog. I really have very little left to do on my house and so I will probably only post a few more projects on the blog and be done. I will always keep the blog up so that people can refer to previous posts but I will not be posting new information very often. Thanks for reading and sorry there won't be much more :)