Thursday, April 21, 2011


Back when I posted about lighting I had chosen a pretty light for $117 from overstock to go over my bed. Unfortunately that very light was sold out soon after that post. I was bummed -So you can imagine how happy I was to see it posted on KSL for $60 - SOLD! Every once in a while I see lights that overstock carries on KSL for less (still brand new and in the package). The girl I picked it up from said she is a whosaler for Overstock (? whatever that means?).

I am going to take a minute in this post to try to explain just how easy it is to change out a light. I highly recommend it! To take a light down you'll need an electric drill since the screws are generally pretty long. You will see three wires coming out of your ceiling connected to three wires in your light fixture - black, white, and copper. DON'T FORGET to flip the breaker! Then unscrew the caps at the end of the wires and take the wires apart from each other. Now your light is down and you just have your three wires coming out of your ceiling. Your new fixture will also have 3 wires (usually black, white, and copper). All you need to know is put black together, white together, and copper together. You'll want to twist the exposed little metal wires together then twist on a plastic cap. The metal of the two wires have to be touching or you won't get power. If their is not a black or white designated on your light fixture then it doesn't matter which you hook it to, just put the two copper wires together than the other two wires together.

You will also need to screw in the brace for your new fixture - it looks like this. Once the brace is up thread your new fixtures wires through that center hole of the brace then connect your wires. When the wiring is done shove all the wiring up in the ceiling then simply twist the fixture up into the center hole of the brace.

I laugh whenever I read reviews on overstock where people hire an electrician to hang their new light!

I wanted the light centered over the bed so we used a plant hook in the ceiling to swag the chain over.

I have come to realize that you can narrow down my decorating plans for each room in my house to these three things (paint and hanging pictures is obvious so I am not including that )

1. Trim Work (I think every room deserves it and hopefully you'll see some more on this blog soon!)
2. Fun textures, color, and patterns brought in through rugs, draperies, or pillows
3. Pretty Lighting for bling

If there is a space in your house you want to decorate a little more (I am guessing you have probably already painted and hung artwork) so now consider taking it to the next level and doing any one of these three things (or all of them!)


  1. Love those 3 ideas! I totally agree! I still need to send you a pic of my bedroom. It's almost finished. (always something to add) -Rach

  2. I love the light fixture but it seems too high and small to me.