Saturday, April 16, 2011

Field Trip- Jon and Kori's House

Prepare to be amazed!

This is my brother Jon and his wife Kori's BEAUTIFUL home. As you can imagine it provides a lot of decorating inspiration!

Kori is a great treasure hunter. She has an amazing knack for finding cute things - from places you would never imagine would have such cute things too. Whenever anyone in my family visits we are constantly asking where she found different things -we are all convinced she shops at a different TJ Maxx than the rest of us!

Jon is the one responsible for getting everyone in my family hooked on DIY trim work projects. Love the grid wall above and the small squares in their Family room below.

*Let me point out the DI find - the white lamp in the above picture used to be ugly brass - she spray painted it glossy white and put a new lamp shade on. It has such great shape, now I try to keep my eyes out for cheap ugly brass fixtures with great shape.

This is one of her daughters bedrooms. Kori does an awesome job of putting together great bedding, it is a mix of different colors and textures all bought from different stores that looks so great all put together.

*above and below are more examples of some great trim work ideas
I know this will be a favorite post of anyone that checks my blog and it's not even my house!


  1. This is a favorite post. I'm enjoying hopping around your blog and seeing how your house is progressing. Good job--keep it up.

  2. can you tell me more about the clock wall? what size are the width of the boards and the width of the gap between? thanks.

    1. My brother no longer lives in this house so I can't give you exact measurements but they look to be about 8" boards spaced a couple inches apart