Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shopping for Barstools

I love my barstools.  They have especially pleased me with their durability.  Eight years of use and three kids later they are still as sturdy as ever.  Sadly the color just didn't quite work for me when we moved in the new house so I am looking to replace them with some new stools.  Here are all the different options I have found and I am trying to decide between.

The first ones I fell in love with were these stainless steel stools (the ones with the circle backs- they make me drool!) - the price is crazy but they are gorgeous.  My husband does not like them so I guess I won't be forking over $4500 for a set of 3!!! HA!

By the way there is a pretty inexpensive knockoff I found on "Look 4 Less" at  It is only $225 so that is quite a bit cheaper - however my husband still doesn't care for them.

Another beautiful but expensive stainless steel option are these ones.  They are from a medical supply store and are around $500.  I must keep searching!

This one has some white leather which would be nice and easy to clean and still has some stainless steel. It comes from wayfair (formerly csn stores).  It is just under $150.

This one has a clear acrylic seat.  It is $132 - here is the link.

This one also has a clear seat but with a little design (that might make it a little easier to help it looking clean!).  Here is the link.  Price - $239

The following are all from and all around around the $100 price range.  What if I painted a design on some of the plain white ones to give them a little umph!???  My husband thinks I'm crazy - maybe you all do to!???

This one also comes from overstock and I just wish it came in white - I could have it painted?  And reupholster the seat?  I like the circle design on the backs.

another clear acrylic
This one is from and is $189.  I love the look of these but I think they would drive me crazy trying to keep them looking clean.

Another option is a bench.  It's unique (and I always love to have a little bit of unique in my house)!

Love this last picture with a white bench - if I could just find one in leather that would be easy upkeep, but no luck so far!
So now I wait for inspiration to strike because there are just too many darn choices!
By the way, If any of my readers that live close by are interested in buying my old barstools let me know.  I'll be listing them on ksl for $200 (for the set of 3).

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