Saturday, September 24, 2011

Built-in Shelf

When we moved into our new home we loved having high ceilings but all of our furniture seemed to shrink (or at least it looked that way)!  This poor little hutch especially looked dwarfed in this nook so we decided to build a shelf above it.  Here is the Before.

And the After!

My inspiration was this shelf that Pottery Barn sells.  I loved the 3 different layers of moulding and wanted the same look and "chunky" feeling for our built-in shelf.

First Matt built a wood frame for the shelf (this is just the frame for the base, he also had to build another frame for the top part of the shelf).

Next he attached a large wood piece for the bottom and then started nailing on 3 different pieces of molding for the front.

Here is a close up showing all 3 pieces of molding layering on top of each other.

My hope was that my "Cafe Fleur De Lys" window would work on the shelf and I was so pleased to see that it did!
(please excuse the nail holes I still need to patch and paint - too excited, just had to show you now!)

I think my favorite projects around my house are the ones involving molding - it has such a great impact. It makes me excited for more molding to someday come in the kitchen!


  1. :Love it! and thanks for showing the frame and nails so I can see how he did it! have a wonderful day!!

  2. Molding eh? Have you met Mandi from Tidbits from the Tremaynes "". (my iPad won't cut & paste for me today). She's a BIG believer in molding (if it stays still-mold it! :0)) and I too believe it adds class and substance to things and homes.
    Love your home and your skill.
    I found you from Young House Love.