Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Want to see what it looks like inside my house during October?
 As you can tell from my front door shot - there's not a whole lot to see!  As much as I love decorating I really don't decorate for holidays.  Christmas is the only exception.  I don't decorate at all for Valentines, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.  The following is the little I do for Halloween.

These two frames are always on top of my secretary desk I just swapped out the pictures this month for more Halloween looking ones.  Both pictures I got off the internet and downloaded them for free.  You can then upload them to costco's photo center and have them printed to the size you want, then pick them up!  Very easy, cheap, and cute art!!!  You can find the spider web print (and much more) here and the halloween subway art sign here.

 Candy Corns look (and taste) great in a bowl in the kitchen.

 I carved a "funkin" with my monogram and added some black twigs to my vase with the lettered balls.

I do enjoy having little (yes very little!) pops of orange around the living room.  It works well with the black, white, and blue colors I already have all over my house.  Click here if you want to see more about how we built this sofa table.
Sorry to disappoint on the Halloween decor but that's all I got!


  1. I love that bottom picture! Your house is completely gorgeous! I came over to see you bar stool transformation and cannot stop browsing! Love the paint color in your great room, the tiles in the boys' bathroom, this table behind the couch...I was wondering if you made the books on the table look like that, or if you bought them that way? Same question about the globe- is it a diy? {I only wish you used bigger pics on you blog! I'm squinting to see all the good details!! :) }

  2. I second the love of your sofa table!!!!