Saturday, October 8, 2011

Barstool Inspiration

I found an inspirational photo online that helped me make my barstool decision.

So I bought these from (a set of two chairs was $152).  
 *Since writing this post and using these chairs I DON'T recommend them click here to see why.* 

Not even close to the first picture you say?  "Not yet" would be my reply - ha, ha, ha!  I have done some research and found a company ( that sells paint for leather.  Yes I am painting these leather chairs!!!!! I am so excited and scared all at the same time!!!  My husband is mostly scared.  The chairs in the first picture are fabric and although beautiful they would only look that beautiful for the maximum of one meal at my house before they would have permanent damage done to them.  Thus the reason I will have leather barstools with a pattern painted on them.  I'll be working on them this weekend  and should have the final post Monday!

I figure if all else fails I could sew slipcovers for them (like the picture below) and just throw those in the wash every time they got too dirty to stand (or should I say sit?).

Wish me Luck! 

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