Friday, October 7, 2011

Book pages wreath

So these wreaths are on just about everyone's decorating blog.  Here are some of my favorites. (go here for a great tutorial)

Source: unkown

I caved and I am making one too!  I needed a small one to fit in a small spot on the wall in my bathroom that needs some decorating.  I like the look of the "s" shape on the pages in the first wreath so after folding the pages in an "S" I then folded the page in half (since my wreath is small) and stapled the end.  Basically making two S's from one book page.  Then I glued them all around the wreath form.  The wreath form was $2 and that was my total cost since I already had a book to tear apart!

Here's how mine turned out.  Now I am on the hunt for something cute to hang on the wall below it.

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