Friday, December 2, 2011

Decking My Halls - Part 2

Many of you already saw my fabric covered poster board Christmas trees (if you wan't instructions here is the original post).  Anyway they look great with some live garland on the sofa table.

Here is another favorite Christmas project I did a few years ago.  I got some Styrofoam sheets from the craft store then cut them out in the shape of letters.  For a pattern I just printed out the letters on my computer.

I then covered the letters in moss (just hot glued it on), and then glued berries on the fronts of the letters.  I love this star Christmas tree topper just sitting in the window next to it for some sparkle!

It's an easy project you could adapt for lots of different holidays and spell out lots of different words.  They now sell wood letters of all shapes and sizes which would make the project even easier - but it may be cheaper to go the styrofoam route!


  1. Looks beautiful and festive! Where did you get your rug?

  2. Sorry to say it was a lucky find at a store near my home called Bukoos that is no longer in business. There are no tags that help to identify where it was originally made or from either. Sorry!

  3. Everything so lovely, whimsical.

    Merry Christmas!