Monday, December 5, 2011

Decking My Halls - Part 3

Well this was fun while it lasted!

Unfortunately after only 2 days of misting the garland with water to try to keep it alive - the command hooks started popping off the wall.  They do not like water misting!
So I am converting to fake garland for my indoor arches!  

 For now I decided to use the live garland elsewhere.  Since it seems that live garland has a tough time indoors because of the dry heat that is constantly blowing around, I decided to move it outside.  Hopefully it won't dry out as quickly.  On the plus side, now I don't have to constantly clean up the droppings! 

For the rest of the outside decor I hung lit wreaths in the windows.  They were on sale for $5 each at the end of the season last year from Walmart.  

The wreath above the entrance way I got at Taipan for around $25 then added some sprigs of red berries and ornaments that I had on hand from end of last season sales as well.

It is so much cheaper to buy a plain wreath and add stuff to it yourself rather than buying one with ornaments or berries already on it.  At taipan the same wreath I bought with berries added doubled the price to over $50 (sprigs of berries don't cost that much and they are very easy to add to a wreath with some floral wire).

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  1. Your place looks absolutely great! I adore all of your greenery. :)