Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years (Home) Resolutions

1.  Update the Front Door
after seeing this post (and dying) I decided I am definately going to look into it this year!

2. Paint the Master bathroom toilet area.  It's small I know - but I still spend time in there and can't stand the plain white walls.  Hoping it should be a fairly quick and easy project.  Something like this maybe?

3. Stencil some new white leather barstools (since I had to return the other ones to overstock).  I'm hoping these ones from Target will work?!

4. Finish the molding in the Dining Room and on the Kitchen soffit.
(Tired of looking at this unfinished look).

5. Finish all the unfinished areas downstairs (3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a workout room, Kitchenette, and storage room)!  I am really looking forward to this project getting done - I am not looking forward to the upcoming mess that is ahead!  I am collecting lots of inspiration photos on Pinterest for what I hope the rooms will look like - here are a couple teasers!

6.  While workers are here and creating a mess anyway I think we'll have them complete some work upstairs as well - like the fireplace and built-ins on our blank living room wall that the couch faces.

I'm hoping for something like this-

Like I said - BIG CHANGES are coming this year.  And actually I am hoping to get all this done by July since that is when we are "expecting" another big change!!!  Maybe I will even get to decorate a girls room this time- (yeah right!  :)


  1. That sounds like a lot of work... those pictures look like so much fun! I hope you can decorate with pink soon! Congrats!

  2. Yeah for you! I was just giving your blog address out when I found your good news:)

  3. AMY!!!!! That's so exciting! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. from Rachel, not Jonny, although, he'll be excited about the news too!

  5. Congrats!! Good luck with all of those projects!

    1. First of all, your house is AMAZING!!!! I found you through a review on while contemplating the crystal chandelier you have over your piano and now I love it even more! I am so happy to have found you. Stop on by and visit when you get a chance!