Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Treasure Hunting

I have mentioned in a post before that my cousin Jess has a store in Orem, Utah called Alice Lane (click here to see that post).  They carry all kinds of BEAUTIFUL items of furniture.  Yesterday I checked out her blog and they were having an inventory sale.  I fell in love with this little item (6 of these little items I guess).  The sold tag is happily for me and they should arrive later today!  Click here to go to the Alice Lane blog and see the other great items in the inventory sale.  My current dining table worked great in our old house but I had plans to replace it with a larger one once we moved, along with the chairs, so now I'm halfway there!

I need to put some more time and effort into shopping for tables but for now I am liking this one from Restoration Hardware - The size is what we are looking for, LARGE.

I ran up to "Down East Home" in Layton today and found some great little treasures there as well.  Pottery barn sells these pretty antique door mirrors (for $600 each).  Down East has some in their store right now and they are in perfect condition.  I snagged one and with a coupon and it was just $240! Yeah!!  There are still two left at the store if anyone is interested.

Finally if you follow my blog you know how much I love the Restoration Hardware sofa table that looks similar to this.  I ended up making a knock off (click here to see) because I loved it so much.  Well, Down East has a great knock off in their store right now for $450 - Restoration Hardware's is $1300 so if you don't want to pay that - or tackle making your own you could just go pick this one up.  The finish on it is a little darker than Restoration's but still very beautiful and a great knock off.  My terrible phone picture doesn't do it justice!


  1. What a great buy for your console table!

  2. Hi Amy!
    Stumbled across your blog today and I just wanted to tell you how much I've loved going back through your archives....Your house is *lovely* and I've gotten so many great ideas :) My 3 year old was standing next to me when I was perusing your backyard photos and when she saw the slide from the deck to the ground she said "we should definitely go there after naptime"....

  3. Hey Amy! Such a crazy coincidence...I saw your feature on Young House Love just now. Earlier today I posted about a light fixture that I replaced in my kitchen and embedded a photo of your kitchen from pinterest in my post. I've had the photo in Pinterest for months but its odd that I posted it today and John and Sherry featured you. My post is here if you wanted to see...
    I'm your newest follower!