Monday, February 13, 2012

Master Bath Toilet Room Transformation!

It feels weird to have the word "Toilet" in my title, 
should I have said water closet instead to dress it up a little?

One of my New Years Home Resolutions can be checked off my list!
This was my inspiration photo.  I am in love with trim work but a "faux trim" done in paint is a much more affordable way of getting that look.  I wasn't about to spend the money on trim for a toilet room but the area still needed some dressing up so this was a perfect soloution.

All it took was the cost of some painters tape - I used 1 inch thick tape so that would be the width of my lines.  It took some time and a level to get it all taped out but it was a small area so it wasn't too bad - maybe 3 hours (and I was able to spread this part out over a few days).  To get the corners of the tape perfectly crisp I used a razor blade.

For the curved corners- I drew those in using the two templates below cut out of card stock paper.  I left those curves "un-taped" and then painted in those curves by hand later.

I had the silver paint leftover from my dining room (the color is "tin" from the Martha Stewart Metallic line that is sold at Home depot).

The painting part probably took about 4 hours.  The most time consuming part might have just been taking the tape off and carefully wiping up any spots that had seeped behind the tape.  I painted over all my tape lines first with the same white that is on the walls hoping that it would stop the seeping problem - and it may have helped but I still had lots of areas that needed cleanup.  Overall the project was probably the same amount of time that it would have taken me to paint all the walls a solid color and I like this look a lot better - so definitely worth the effort!

 It would be even cuter in a room that doesn't have a toilet!!!


  1. That is amazing! It looks fantastic even with a toilet in the room!

  2. oh. my. goodness. you truly amaze me every time i look at your blog. i am in love with this idea. maybe if baby number two is a girl (we are planning ahead for one), this could be her room's main inspiration. i can just see her monogram in between a larger panel like that over her crib. i LOVE it.

  3. Looks awesome! I'm confused how you actually got the paint on? You taped down the tape and then what was your next step? Was your wall color originally the metallic grey or was it white? Guess I'm a little lost being a newbie at crafty things. :) I would love to try this in our nursery! Love your blog!

    1. My wall color was originally white as you can see in the first photo. After taping, then the silver paint went on the walls- making the white areas BETWEEN the tape lines now silver. When I removed the tape, the areas underneath the tape were still white, creating white and silver stripes. So if you look at the final product, you want all the white stripes to be covered in tape, the silver stripes were the areas between the tape that got painted. Hope that helps!

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  5. How did u get the silver paint under the tape?