Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bathroom finishing touches

So I have been out treasure hunting almost daily since there are A LOT of things we are suddenly in need of as we finish our basement.  One of which was bathroom sconces.  I recently saw these ones in a Pottery barn magazine and loved them.  I need two of these babies to go over the mirrors in my boys bathroom downstairs and each costs $100.

Then one day at Lowes I spotted these in their outdoor lighting area for just $25!!!!!!  (Just because someone thought they should be outdoor lights doesn't mean they have to be, mine will be bathroom sconces!).

The finish is great "as is" however I was itching to spray paint them glossy white like the Pottery Barn ones (any color would be darling really).  Here's the final results.

Once the bathroom is done and the lights are hung I will determine if they are staying white - like I said I think they would be cute any color - so I just might try something else on them.

The other treasure I recently came across was the bathroom vanity countertops.

I came across this blog post at just the right time.  Apparently Formica has recently figured out a way to duplicate the look of marble (can you believe the picture above is of Formica!).   Layla from "The Lettered Cottage" blogged about how she had recently gone to her local Home Depot and seen these countertops and found out they were just $16 a sq. foot (installed)!  For my bathroom countertop that equals out to be just over $200.  I was sold.  I love a great look at a cheap price!  Sadly the people at my local Home Depot weren't really sure what this product was and laughed when I told them the price (they said for something like this it would be more like $30 a sq. foot) - same thing at Lowes.  I read through the comments from different people that posted on the Lettered Cottage and some of them were running into the same problem - my guess is that it just hasn't gotten to every Home Depot in the nation and maybe when it does get here they will run it at that great promotional price?  I don't know.  Thankfully this story has a happy ending.  I went on Formica's website and found a list of distributers in my area, called one of them up and was able to get the countertops - "Calacatta Marble" Formica 180fx for $266 (I paid a little extra to get a "fancy" ogee edge - the basic waterfall edge would have cost me only $175 - and yes that is installed!).  So if you live in the Salt Lake area "Top Haus" is where I found my countertops, if you live outside of Utah try your local home depot - you might get lucky, and if that doesn't work then check for other distributors on Formica's website. 

Lastly -  I found a great deal on the tile floors (thanks to the blog Young House Love).  I wanted a white penny tile floor and my local tile stores wanted around $15 a square foot for the same stuff you can get online at The Tile Shop for just $5.59 a sq. foot! (plus you get 10% off right now if you use the promotional code YHL10).  Yahoo!

 I can't wait to see it all come together!


  1. Awesome find. I might have to use this for above my kitchen sink!

  2. great finds! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see it come together too:)! I swore I would never do formica again, but after seeing this, I just might be swayed to give it another chance for some cheap updates!

  3. wow....going to look stunning. i am actually getting ready to buy a light just like yours only from HD because it's a bit bigger for my bathroom as well. we are going for the barn look....so no refinishing for us, although that's a great idea.

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