Friday, March 2, 2012

Stop Thumb Sucking!

Do you have a thumb (or finger) sucker?

Do you want to Stop that Habit?

My brother Jon and his wife Kori (the ones with the beautiful homes that I posted about here and here) recently adopted a cute little boy from Haiti.  He came to them with a thumb sucking habit.  Once he'd adjusted to his new home, and life with them, they began working on his thumb sucking habit. They tried everything under the sun and nothing would work until they found the NoThumbT.  They loved the idea of an undershirt he could wear under his pi's every time he went to bed, he didn't mind the shirt either.  Since using the NoThumbT he hasn't sucked his thumb once!  They figure the T was much cheaper than major dental work and bills down the road. 
Here is their darling little boy - 
notice he is not bothered at all by the fact his hands are stuck!  :)

 This one is my little cutie modeling the NoThumbT

They believe so much in the product they want to share it with others, so check out their website!

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