Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blue Benches

Last year I got a great hand-me-down from my brother- these cute wood outdoor benches.  I loved how they looked on the patio.  However they were already worn down from the weather and just one year on my patio and they started to fall apart.  They got knocked over in the wind quite a bit and there are lots of pieces broken now that need repair.
Whenever we went out to roast marshmallows we were always a little scared to sit on them.  So this year I decided to move them to the garden where they will probably never need to be sat on and they will function great as just a cute garden element to look at!  

Here is what I found as my replacement benches for the fire-pit patio.  They are metal which I am hoping means they can withstand being blown over and anything else the weather might want to throw at them.  They are from World Market and I was able to get them on sale for half off (regularly $150 - on sale now for $75).

I love the color but once I had them on the patio I realized I missed that pop of blue against the red brick wall.

 Spray paint to the rescue!

This is the color I chose - Brilliant Blue.  It is very bright but just what I was looking for.  Love what an easy fix spray paint is!  It required just 3 cans to cover 2 benches.  Don't you think these benches would be cute in any color!  Now I have lots of blue benches all over my yard and I love it!  I'll show you how the garden area is shaping up with the wood blue benches as soon as it is finished being put together.

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  1. Love the pop of blue:) do I spy an inground trampoline? My kids want to move to your house!