Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kitchenette Hardware

I love cabinet hardware and when I get a chance to use a couple different kinds I get even more excited!  Rather than doing the same knobs on all the cabinets in our kitchenette I wanted something different for the bottom four cupboards, it just took me a little while to decide on what I wanted.  I finally settled on these.  They are not traditionally used on kitchen cabinets - but they work and I like the look!  
(PS - I got the shelves decked out in white ceramics too, all three pieces on the top shelf I found at Tai Pan, S L O W L Y but surely I am getting things done around here!).

I found the hardware at Star Hardware in Salt Lake for $5 each.  They are label holders- traditionally used on file cabinets.  They have a little lip at the bottom of them that does allow for opening the cupboard easily.

I just printed out the numbers One through Four on some paper and slipped them in.

(The round knobs I found at Hobby Lobby - they have a cool compass on them in Navy blue so they tie in great!)   To see the post with more information on the kitchenette transformation click here.

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