Friday, February 22, 2013

And the Award goes to........

I love the look of Antique trophies but can't bring myself to pay big bucks for something that is old.  The price should be cheaper if it is old, worn out, and used, right?!  I wish.

I guess that is why my collection remains so small - these are the only cheap finds I have been able to collect from the thrift store over the past 8 months!

My last trip to the thrift store I found this plastic one for $0.50 and wondered how it would look with a coat of spray paint.  I first gave it a coat of plastic primer spray paint, then a coat of white.


It found a home on my son's desk.

Winner or not it was only $0.50 - I think I am happy with it!

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  1. I just love everything that you do! Thank you for sharing!