Monday, February 25, 2013

Recent Small Additions

I added this Target Mirror ($30) to my kitchenette.  The wood picture hanger it is hanging from is from a store in Midway called "all that stuff in the barn."  It is a cheap little plastic mirror, but I like the look of it.

I also found this Tortoise shell at Target, at my store they had a couple on clearance for $27 (regularly $40).  I loved it -but the color was the wrong green for my Family Room, nothing that a can a spray paint won't fix!

It's now sporting a navy blue coat!

Finally I found this white garden stool at TJ Maxx for just $40!  I have only ever seen these for $100 so was thrilled with the price and figured surely I could find somewhere to put it!

You may notice another rather LARGE addition to our family room in the background - it's a Batman pinball machine.  Not exactly beautiful to look at -but a great toy for our family room that we were surprised with on Christmas morning.

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  1. LOVE your basement, Amy, and love following along with your home progress, in general. We are on the same wavelength with basement color schemes! Ours is still "in progress" but had to share! :)