Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hutch Upgrade

This isn't a new idea - I'm sure you've seen it done before.  But I am enjoying the upgrade!



I simply used white paint I already had on hand to paint the back of the hutch, then used my silver paint sharpie pen to trace This Stencil.

It was very easy and quick and I am enjoying the subtle pattern.   

 I didn't want the pattern on the back to compete with the pattern that is already on the doors so this works well. 

 I think the beautiful pattern on the doors was lost before because everything was the same color - now those doors are highlighted and I love it!


  1. That looks great. You did an awesome job w the stencil. I also love the nook you have there for it. I would love to have a space like that do add a built in!

  2. What color is this gray? It's beautiful!

    1. Thanks! It's Benjamin Moore "Rocky Coast"