Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Improv. Ottomans/Stools

I've been looking for a couple ottoman's or stools to go under my new sofa table and finally 
settled on getting something with texture.

I found this Seagrass Pouf from Wisteria for just $80.  I was pleasantly surprised that Wisteria sold something so reasonably priced - I was just waiting for one of their 20% off sales and then I planned to buy them.

In the meantime though, I found these baskets at Target for $30 (when I bought them they were buy one get one 30% off - so I got two for $50).  They are basically the same size as the pouf (Target has a couple sizes to choose from - I went with the 15x15") and I wondered if I simply turned them upside down if they would give the same look as a poof or stool.

What do you think?
They seem sturdy enough to use as an ottoman to put your legs up on, I think I would even trust my kids using them as a stool.
Honestly I doubt they get used that much - their function is mostly for looks and in rare times use.

The only problem is that the round lanterns on top of the table now look redundant with the round ottoman baskets underneath.  Soooooo - back to the store :)


  1. awesome idea! i'm loving all the striped baskets at target right now. and all their threshold stuff. its a bad scene for me...I always leave $100 poorer :)

  2. I know exactly how you feel! ;)