Friday, April 11, 2014

Pillow Trim

I finally settled on some pillows for my Living Room!
I decided on this pillow from World Market because the grey color matches my couch exactly.
 Sadly it looked a little too plain though.

I found some cute Burlap/Twine looking ribbon at JoAnn's for $2 and pinned it onto the pillow in the design I wanted.  It took two rolls of the ribbon to finish the pillow.
Then I sewed the ribbon in place.  I'm sure you could also just use hot glue- but since my house is teeming with boys, I was worried they would pick at the glue and I didn't want to constantly be fixing the pillow!  Sewing it was really easy and took just minutes.

I also bought this pillow from West Elm (on final sale now for just $25 and free shipping!).  It's actually a 20x20 size but I felt that was too big for the bench so I used a smaller insert and just tucked the rest of the pillow underneath!

SEEEE- I don't alter EVERYTHING I buy :)
Sometimes things need it and sometimes they don't!


  1. That is an awesome pillow!!! And I am digging the chair that it sits in....mind sharing chair details?

    1. Thanks! Click on the "Living Room" link at the top of the post for more info on the chairs.