Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Easy Chalkboard Lettering

For Mothers Day this year I was in charge of a meeting at my church for all the Women and Mothers. Because it was a "special occasion" I wanted it to look special.  Since there is already a chalkboard in the room I wanted to do some fancy Chalkboard Lettering on it (since it is all the rage right now!).
Problem was I am not an artist that can free hand, and I don't have an overhead projector.....
After doing some searching on the internet I found out you can create a document with whatever you want on it, print it out, rub the back of it with some chalk, then put the poster up on the chalkboard and trace with a pencil.  When you remove the poster you have an outline that you can then fill in.  
It worked like a charm!
So I thought I would share the document I made ....

It is a quote from a Hymn "As Sisters in Zion."

I created the document using Picmonkey (to get your wording to curve you have to type your word 1 or 2 letters at a time and rotate each of the letters to create the curve).
Then I took the file to Staples and printed it off  (roughly 4ft.x4ft.)
I rubbed the back with chalk but found it was actually not necessary.  Just tracing the letters with a pencil left an outline on the chalkboard that we then filled in with chalk.
I had a couple friends helping me so it went pretty fast and ended up looking great!

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