Thursday, January 27, 2011

New House, New Blog

We lived in our other house for 7 years and I still didn't feel completely "finished" with it when we moved out so I anticipate this house will take at least that long. If you want all the boring little details that are going into the decorating of this house then you are in the right place!

We'll start with painting furniture - Blue (obviously my favorite color!)
The "Before" Photo- (don't mind Jackson's hot physique - the brown hutch is in the background, sorry- I'll try to remember better pictures for the "before" in the future!)

I found this secretary desk on KSL. I loved the detail on the glass doors. When I painted it I painted right over the glass rather than taping it all off. Once it was dry I just sprayed the glass with windex then scraped it with a razor blade and it came off very easily. I am in love with this shade of blue - it is Benjamin Moore "Rocky Coast"

This was an old chair passed down to me by Matt's Mom, I painted it and found the cushion on

This is another piece I found on KSL. This is the same color as the chair above and the same paint I had used on the walls in my master bedroom in our old house. It is Benjamin Moore "Puritan Gray" I also used a bit of glaze ("General Finishes" Glaze Effects in Van dyke Brown - you can get it online) to antique it a bit. The sconce is not wired, it's more about the form than the function - don't let the lack of wiring stop you from hanging a pretty sconce! The shades on the sconce I made with scrapbook paper that I mod podged right on top of the original shades then I trimmed the top and bottom with ribbon


  1. You make me so proud to be your sister! I wish I had the creative genius you all seem to have!! It is truly beautiful and I love seeing the changes... because I don't always notice if they aren't pointed out. You truly create such a beautiful home for your family. In all ways... not just decorating. You are Matt are an awesome pair.

  2. Amy, I have the same secretary desk that was my grandfather's! I was actually admiring your painted leather chairs when I noticed the secretary desk. I love how you transformed it, and you have now inspired me to dig mine up from the basement and paint it. Your house is beautiful!

  3. Good afternoon Amy,
    I was looking across the web for Maddox Tables (Secretaries Desk), and well, this came up with your web page. I am glad that it did as I have the same piece and my fiance and I are going to clean it up as you did to yours. I just had a question or two.....Did you buy any new hardware for the piece or is/was it all original? All of ours are original but of course missing the key. If you did buy new hardware for this, could you let me know where to look?
    I would really appreciate it.

    Have a great day!

    Cody Smith

    1. I only replaced the hardware on the drawers. The key and hardware on the hutch was not replaced. Sorry yours is missing! Good luck!