Monday, January 31, 2011

Embelished Lamp Shade

This was a pretty easy little project I did recently to dress up a plain lamp shade. It is just ribbon around the base and then some felt flowers. I got three different coordinating shades of felt from Micheal's then cut them into circles. To make the flower, you could either pinch the ends with hot glue or I used a needle and thread and just pulled it through the ends of the circles then looped all 5 circles together to create the flower. Sorry - I hope that makes sense- just email me if you need more direction! I then just used a straight pin to attach it to the shade so that if I ever want to change the look I can easily take them off. I have to add that my son Jackson asked me when I was going to finish it, I asked what he meant and he said "aren't you going to put flowers all over it?" - what a great idea, more work but that would make for such a cute lamp shade! Total cost was under $2.

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