Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Come Shopping with me!

Over time I plan on replacing a lot of the lights in our house and thought I would post some of the ones I have found on line that I like. I found this first one on lightinguniverse.com it is $155. They are foyer lights but a couple of them over a dining table would look pretty too.
This one I found on Overstock.com, they have some great lights at a great price, this one is $90.
I was considering this one for over our Master Bathtub. Also from Overstock, $160 (seems a bit much for such a little light, but it's cute)
This is an Overstock.com light for $87, again no idea where it would go but it looks like it could be cool. I wish their were some reviews about it though, without any it makes me nervous. Every once in a while you come across a risky decorating item - this is a perfect example of one. It could be a really cool unique statement piece - it could also be very strange and just plain ugly. Would you dare to buy it?Love this one and I'm pretty sure it's the one I'll end up getting for over the master bed. Overstock, $117
This is so similar to the one above and I wish the price was more similar, it is slightly more at $167 from Overstock.
This is a good look alike to an $800 restoration hardware chandelier. It is from lighting universe and is $196. It comes in Bronze or Silver and has 3 different sizes.
This is such a cool light from pottery barn it is $150.
Back to overstock, this one is $100, I'm leaning most towards this one for over the master tub
Finally I just found this one on csnstores.com, it is $105 which is a steal for the size. I need a couple of large lights for my foyer and these fit the bill at 22" across and 31" high. For some reason I think all lights should be around $100 (can't explain why), but didn't expect to find large foyer lights for that price so I'm pretty impressed with these. However I don't want to buy it simply for the price - I'm such a sucker for sales. (Original price $477!!! that is so tempting to me, why!!!)
So if your in the market for a light - now you have a couple good sites to check out. I also recently found this coupon code for Overstock.com, 121745. Good for 10% off any one item and it doesn't expire, one-time use only though. Also FYI - Ballard designs carries "can light" conversion kits so you easily change any can light in your house into a pretty pendant light.

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  1. I like the black lampshade especially if you put your stencil touch on it.