Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So this was not a big project but the little decorating details are sometimes what makes the biggest difference in a room. I added these little white crowns to the corners of my ikea roller shades. The idea is stolen (of course) from Robert McArthur's home (click on this link if you want to see, it is picture #10 under McArthur Park). For his house he used alphabet letters in each corner -since I only have two roller shades I would only get as far as B in the alphabet so I wanted to come up with something different. For the crowns I simply found a picture of a crown on the internet then printed it off. I then cut it out and used it as a guide to cut the same thing out of white contact paper. Once the backing was taken off the contact paper they simply became stickers that I put in the corners of the shade. Now if I ever get sick of them or want to change them out it will be very easy. It took only 5 min. to cut out and since I already have a big roll of contact paper it was free!

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