Friday, February 25, 2011

Treasure Hunt - Curtains

Since moving in our house I have been working on lengthening all our curtains because I can't find any long enough (for a good price that is!). I recently saw these fabulous curtains on the internet from Urban Outfitters- since they are almost $80 a piece and I need 4 curtains for our living room I set to work searching on the internet for a cheaper knock-off.
What I came up with was actually a shower curtain from They were only $23 a piece - woo hoo!!!! Yes they are shorter (and wider) than a regular curtain but I figured no curtains are long enough and I have to add fabric anyway so there really isn't a difference.

The black portions at the top and bottom are from a faux-silk curtain from Hancock Fabrics. I got them on sale for $20 (they would be great curtains on their own- really pretty and a great price!). I basically cut off the top and bottom of each black curtain then sewed the white ruffle curtain in between the two pieces. Using the "already made" black curtain meant I didn't have to hem the top, bottom, or sides. I got the curtain rod from Home Depot - you can't really see it but it has a cute finial in black and white. So each curtain was $20 for the white and $20 for the black which ends up being half the cost of the Urban Outfitters ones (and THEY would have needed additional fabric too!). These ruffle curtains would be darling in a girls room too - you could buy two to sew together if you wanted one long ruffle curtain. You could also add a little color to them by sewing a little ribbon trim at the end of each ruffle, or every other ruffle. My hope was that by adding the black it makes them a little more formal (but still fun!).

I found my dining room curtains at Target - and again they were too short. I didn't want to add different fabric to them, so to make them long enough I just bought an extra curtain panel and cut it apart to add to the bottoms then covered the seam with some pretty trim I got at a fabric store.


  1. For these curtains since the ruffled shower curtain is 70" wide, was the black curtain also 70" width or did you have to cut the ruffled curtain to fit a standard width curtain?

    1. The shower curtain was wider than the black curtain portion. Rather than cut the ruffle curtain and then have to sew all the ruffles back up on the cut side I just folded (on one side only) the excess from the shower curtain back and sewed it that way (folded) to the bottom and top black portions so that it stayed in place. From the front you can't tell it has been folded back and everything looks even on the sides!