Thursday, February 3, 2011

Using your leftover paint

As I have stated before you rarely find things for your house in the right color but that is where your leftover paint comes in handy! This is a metal accent piece that had a rusted finish on it, I spray painted it a glossy black and hung it above a window at our old house. Then with the move here I decided to change the color. I have lots of blue paint on hand (of course) so put a coat of blue paint on top, waited a few minutes then rubbed some of it away to reveal the black underneath. It is now hanging above the door to our master bedroom.

All three of these items used to be gold - I don't have anything against gold by the way, but in this particular area the gold wasn't working. If you have any old pictures hanging in your house and you feel the frame is dated and not working - try painting it. The crown is from Hobby Lobby (half off it was $10). I loved the gold on it but I think it works in silver too, so nice that spray paint comes in tons of colors - even metallic.

Last picture (but not the last time I will paint something!). I knew I wanted a large pot on my nightstand and had a tough time finding one the right color and price. So I decided to make one the right color since I already had the "right color" leftover from the walls. I found this cheap metal pot at TJ Maxx, it was copper to begin with. After painting it I then rubbed on some glaze to antique it a bit. Next I found a damask shape on the computer and printed it onto paper then cut it out with scissors. I then taped it on the front and dabbed at it with a paper towel dipped in black paint. You can see in some areas it bled a little but I liked that it wasn't perfect looking. (At the time I couldn't find a cute damask stencil so I made one - however I have since seen them at Hobby Lobby for about $3).

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